How To Clean Oil-Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucet?

Many families today boast the attraction of oil-rubbed bronze Kitchen Faucets. Their rustic and heat man or woman brings a sure appeal to kitchens. But, like the whole lot else in your house, they need proper cleaning. So, how do you easily oil-rubbed bronze kitchen faucets? Here’s a comprehensive guide designed to help you keep the pristine circumstance of your kitchen’s completion.

Understand What ‘Oil Rubbed’ Means

‘Oil rubbed’ is a term that refers to the signature end found on many kitchen faucets. This specific finish is carried out by applying a darkish, shielding oil to bronze surfaces. The oil-rubbed end is not just there for decoration but it additionally plays a key position in shielding the underlying metallic from water and other capacity resources of harm. Understanding that is crucial as you gear as much as clean your faucet.

Gathering Your Cleaning Materials

Now, before we start, we need to assemble the necessary cleaning supplies. The typical cleaning kit for oil-rubbed bronze kitchen faucets includes:  

  • Soft microfiber cloths 
  • Warm water 
  • Mild dish soap 
  • Non-abrasive sponge or brush

You will notice that each of these supplies is gentle on surfaces. That is because oil-rubbed finishes can be quite delicate. We want to clean the faucet without scratching or damaging the finish.  

The Cleaning Process

Now we are ready to delve into the cleaning process. We will simplify the task into manageable steps.  

Step 1. Initial Wipe Down

 The first step is frequently only an easy wipe-down. Use your smooth fabric to dispose of dust and particles from the floor of the faucet. A clean, dry microfiber cloth is ideal for this system.

Step 2. The Soapy Cleanse

Up subsequent, we take our dish cleaning soap and warm water, as a way to work collectively to clean off any chronic dust. Here’s a way to do it.

Step 3. Tackling Persistent Grime and Mineral Buildup

On your oil-rubbed bronze kitchen faucet despite your excellent efforts, you could nonetheless discover a few stubborn grime and mineral deposits clinging onto your kitchen faucet. These can be handled efficiently with a couple of attempted and real solutions.

Step 4. Removing Grime with Dish Soap and Warm Water

Should mere cleaning soap and water not suffice, seek resources from an answer of dish cleaning soap and warm water. Begin by means of dampening an easy fabric with this combo, then scrub your faucet lightly and thoroughly. Pay more interest to areas where grime has a tendency to accumulate, consisting of the bottom or joints of your faucet. Once you end, rinse the faucet with bloodless water and dry straight away the usage of a gentle towel to prevent water spots.

Step 5. Dealing with Water Spots and Hard Water Mineral Buildup

Hard water may be the source of some of your oil-rubbed bronze kitchen faucet cleaning woes. Mineral deposits from hard water or water spots can appear as a white buildup on your faucet. However, these can be addressed with simple household items. 

Step 6. Eliminating Water Spots with Vinegar

A powerful home remedy for water spot elimination is vinegar. Fully soak a cloth with undiluted vinegar and wrap it around the affected regions. Let the fabric sit down for about 10 minutes, then scrub the floor with the vinegar-soaked fabric. Rinse with water and right now dry for a glowing, spotless end.

Step 7. Removing Hard Water Mineral Buildup with CLR

If you take care of chronic tough water mineral deposits, a dedicated cleaning answer inclusive of CLR can be a sport-changer. Fill a small plastic bag with CLR, connect it to the faucet ensuring the affected areas are submerged, and allow it to take a seat for five-10 minutes. Rinse afterward with warm water and dry right now to avoid water spots.

Step 8. Maintaining Your Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucet

Once the faucet is wiped clean and dried, it is best to apply a coat of wax for added protection against future dirt and water spots. A mild software of fixtures wax can cross an extended way in maintaining the luster and look of your oil-rubbed bronze kitchen faucet.

Step 9. Applying Wax for Long-Term Protection

Start making use of a skinny layer of furnishings wax, which specializes in areas with any scratches or discoloration. After making use of it, allow the wax to dry for around 10 minutes. Remove the extra wax with an easy material, making sure the wax fits the coloration of your faucet. For introduced hard water stain safety, follow a clean paste wax.

What Are The Common Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Oil Rubbed Bronze?

  • Using Harsh Cleaning Solutions

A not-unusual mistake that many humans make while cleaning oil-rubbed bronze faucets is the use of harsh cleaning answers. These can strip the faucet’s finish and dull its beautiful, deep hue. Oil-rubbed bronze has a delicate patina that can be without problems with the aid of harsh chemicals like CLR lavatory cleanser.

  • Not Drying the Faucet After Use 

It is important to remember to keep your oil-rubbed bronze faucet as dry as possible. Moisture can lead to recognition or even harm over the years. Leaving water to dry on the faucet obviously can lead to unsightly water spots that may detract from its vintage appearance.

  • Skipping Periodic Waxing 

Many tend to overlook the importance of periodic waxing when worrying about their oil-rubbed bronze faucets. A layer of furnishings wax and clean wax paste applied often can help shield the finish and hold the faucet looking it is great.


In conclusion, maintaining your oil-rubbed bronze kitchen faucet is not as daunting as it seems. It is about embracing proactive care measures and utilizing safe cleaning solutions to preserve their authentic charm. Dedicating only some mints each week can considerably increase your faucet longevity. 

Remember, abrasive cleaners or equipment can quickly spoil the particular end of your oil-rubbed bronze kitchen faucet, leading to unwanted expenses and effects. Instead, you may obtain high-quality effects via the use of mild soaps, tender clothes, and warm water, which can pass an extended way in preserving your precious asset in a pristine situation.

Can I use vinegar to clean my faucet?

No, vinegar is considered too acidic for oil-rubbed bronze finishes. It can strip the oil coating, leading to potential damage.

Are there any unique clothes I should use for cleaning?

Yes, constantly use a gentle cloth to ease your faucet. Microfiber cloths are a perfect desire as they are gentle on surfaces and correctly select up dirt and filth.

How regularly should I have to clean my oil-rubbed bronze kitchen faucet?

It’s encouraged to clean it at least once per week. However, in case your faucet gets heavy use, recall cleaning it more often.

Can I use commercial cleaners on my faucet?

Unless the cleaner is specified safe for oil-rubbed bronze, avoid them. Many commercial cleaners contain ingredients that can harm the finish.

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