How to Replace a Cartridge on a Moen faucet?

Cartridges are integral to each working tap to regulate the water pressure and temperature. With this detailed article, learn more about cartridges and how to change them in a Moen faucet.

Explain a Cartridge

In faucets, a cartridge is a valve that controls the temperature and water flow. It is an essential part that guarantees the tap will function smoothly and at its best. Usually constructed from sturdy materials like brass or ceramic, cartridges are available in various styles to fit different tap types.

To keep your tap operating efficiently, you must comprehend the significance of a cartridge. Due to wear and tear from frequent usage, cartridges might eventually leak or become impossible to control the water’s temperature. You may avoid possible water waste and hassle by replacing a malfunctioning cartridge, which is straightforward.

How to Replace a Cartridge on a Moen Faucet

A cartridge-based design is standard among faucets made by the famous Moen brand. Changing the cartridge in a Moen faucet is easy if you follow this detailed guide:

Gather Necessary Tools

Get all of the tools ready before you begin. Standard tools include pliers, a screwdriver, and an adjustable wrench.

Turn Off the Water Supply

To stop the water from flowing into the washbasin, find the shut-off valves and turn them off. The replacement procedure is designed to be safe and mess-free in this way.

Remove the Handle

Take the tap handle off using a screwdriver. To reach the screw, you may have to take off a pretty cap or cover.

Remove the Retaining Nut

After removing the handle, you’ll see a nut holding the cartridge. Carefully loosen the nut and remove it using an adjustable wrench.

Take Out the Cartridge

Carefully remove the old cartridge after removing the retaining nut. You may have to use pliers to hold and remove the cartridge; however, it depends on the model.

Install the New Cartridge

After removing the old cartridge, put the new one in the slot you just made. Check that it is in the correct position.

Reassemble the Faucet

Put the retaining nut back on and use the adjustable wrench to get it snug. Reinstall the handle and fasten it using the screw.

Turn On the Water Supply

To restore water pressure, open the shut-off valves. Look for changes in the water pressure or flow that might indicate a leak.

Test the Faucet

Lastly, turn on the water and vary the temperature to see how the tap works. Verify that the water runs freely and that the new cartridge functions correctly.

Tips to Replace a Cartridge on a Moen Faucet

A few pointers may ensure that changing the cartridge in a Moen faucet goes well, even if it isn’t a highly complex task. If you follow these steps, you should be able to complete the work with ease and accuracy.

  • You need to know the model of your Moen faucet to buy a new cartridge. The cartridges used in the various Moen faucet variants might vary. You can buy the proper spare component if you see the model number.
  • Always use the right tools for the task at hand. Replacing a cartridge often requires pliers, a screwdriver, and an adjustable wrench. You can make the job more straightforward and less likely to harm the components of the tap if you use the right tools.
  • Before you begin the replacement, ensure the water supply is turned off entirely. This stops water from leaking out while the procedure is going on, which reduces the likelihood of water damage.
  • Always remember which way the old cartridge is facing when you remove it. For optimal performance, always insert the new cartridge in the same way. Take note of any colors or markings; some cartridges have hot and cold sides.
  • Take the time to check for damage or wear on other parts while you have the tap apart. Make sure there are no leaks, mineral deposits, or rust spots. Preventing future difficulties may be achieved by proactively addressing these concerns.
  • Applying a small quantity of plumber’s grease based on silicone to the O-rings on the replacement cartridge may be necessary, depending on the model. This makes sure everything moves smoothly and doesn’t get stuck.
  • Make sure the retaining nut is tightened before putting the tap back together. Ensuring a secure fit is crucial for the cartridge’s stability and to avoid any potential leaks.
  • Make sure that the tap is fully functional when the replacement is finished. Ensure there are no leaks at the cartridge’s connectors and handle. Verify that there is no fluctuation in water flow and that the temperature control functions properly.
  • Even though this is essential advice, you should always refer to the instructions with your Moen faucet and replacement cartridge for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Depending on the model of your tap, these instructions may include model-specific information or advice.
  • Look into getting some expert assistance if you run into problems or are unclear about any phases in the replacement procedure. For help and proper execution, call a plumber or a Moen service professional.


Finally, if you want your plumbing fixtures to last as long as possible and work properly, you must know what a cartridge is and how to replace one in a Moen faucet. If you want your tap to last longer and not have any water problems, maintain it regularly and replace broken cartridges quickly. If you want to know how to change the cartridge in a Moen faucet and ensure the water flows smoothly and efficiently again, follow the instructions.

What is the best way to find the model number for my Moen faucet?

Sometimes, you may find the model number on the handle or the base of the tap. Find the relevant information by looking for a tag, stamp, or engraving. Feel free to consult the original paperwork or contact Moen customer care if you need more help.

When is the best time to change the cartridge in a Moen faucet?

Water hardness and use are two variables that affect how often you need to change the cartridge. Changing the cartridge is usually best when you see problems like leaks or trouble changing the water temperature every three to five years.

Are new cartridges for Moen available at any hardware store?

Most hardware shops offer a wide selection of Moen replacement cartridges. Ensuring you have the correct model number and cartridge type is crucial to ensure compatibility when purchasing.

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