What Are High-Arc Kitchen Faucets?

The fixtures you choose for your kitchen have a significant impact on its overall look and how well it functions. The kitchen faucet is one of the most important fixtures since it not only gets the job done but also adds a lot to the room’s aesthetic. In contemporary kitchens, the high-arc kitchen faucet is becoming more popular due to its adaptability and widespread use.

Explaining High-Arc Kitchen Faucets: 

The tall and elegant spouts that arch over the sink are a defining feature of high-arc kitchen faucets, which are also called high-neck or gooseneck faucets. A high-arc faucet, in contrast to a standard faucet with a lower spout, offers more vertical space, making it a better option for a wide range of tasks in the kitchen. The unique and sophisticated style of these faucets makes them a show-stopper in modern kitchens.

Features of High Arc Kitchen Faucets:

Extra Space

The extra space above the sink is the main benefit of high-arc kitchen faucets. For those who are often in the kitchen, this design is a lifesaver since it makes filling and cleaning big pots and pans simple.


There is a wide variety of high-arc faucets on the market now, so homeowners may choose one that suits their kitchen’s taste. These faucets are a great way to upgrade the look of any bathroom, whether it’s a more contemporary or classic style.


The high-arc faucet’s higher spout also facilitates the submersion of bulkier objects. Thanks to the extra height, you can wash large pots and pans with ease and fill tall pitchers with ease.

Statement Piece

In addition to their practical uses, high-arc faucets are often used as decorative accents in kitchens. In addition to serving as a showpiece, their elegant and modern design may improve the kitchen’s overall aesthetic.

Simple and Easy to Use

A lot of high-arc faucets include handy extras like touchless technology, single-handle controls, and sprayers that you can draw down or out. These improvements make using the product easier and more pleasant, which in turn makes regular kitchen chores more efficient.

Integrated Soap Dispensers and Filters

Some high-arc faucets even include built-in soap dispensers or water filtering systems, which is great for those who want to maximize storage space in the kitchen. In addition to making homeowners’ lives easier, these features help keep countertops clutter-free.

Long-Lasting Design

Longevity and corrosion resistance are hallmarks of high-arc faucets made of sturdy materials like stainless steel or brass. This faucet will last through the wear and tear of a busy kitchen thanks to its sturdy build.

Features that Reduce Water Use

Some high-arc faucets have water-saving features because of the growing importance of sustainability. To lessen the total amount of water used without sacrificing performance, they may have aerators that combine air and water. Models that are water-efficient help make kitchens greener.

Technology for Easy Cleaning

An easy-clean feature is a common component of high-arc faucets that makes cleaning them a breeze. Effortlessly maintain the faucet’s immaculate appearance with features including smooth surfaces, anti-lime build-up, and stain-resistant coatings.

Memory of Temperature

You may be able to set the temperature memory feature on some high-arc faucets. The faucet can remember the last water temperature setting, which is great for those who have a preference. Homes with several users may find this particularly useful.

Magnetic Docking

Magnetic docking systems allow for pull-down or pull-out sprayers, which are common features of high-arc faucets. The spray head won’t droop or lose its tidy look thanks to this technology’s built-in docking mechanism. Aesthetically and practically, these faucets have magnetic docking.

Control via Touch or Motion

Some high-arc faucets use touch or motion activation technology, which puts them in the category of smart and modern kitchen equipment. A motion-activated faucet detects when a user waves their hand, whereas a touch-sensitive faucet only needs a little touch to activate or deactivate the water flow. With these upgrades, you won’t have to touch the faucet as much, which is great for your health.

Single or Dual Handles

There are typically two-handle options available on high-arc kitchen faucets. When it comes to controlling the temperature and flow of water, single-handle faucets are convenient, but dual-handle ones are more aesthetically pleasing and provide you greater control over the hot and cold water.

Installation of high-arc faucets

With some basic plumbing knowledge and the manufacturer’s instructions, installing a high-arc kitchen faucet may be a fun and easy do-it-yourself endeavor. To assist you with the installation, below is a detailed guide: If you’re looking for a comprehensive resource to guide you through the process, don’t miss our blog post: Your Ultimate DIY Guide to Kitchen Faucet Installation.

Step 1

Gather all of your supplies and equipment before you begin. Some common tools and equipment include a flashlight, a basin wrench, a plumber’s tape, an adjustable wrench, and a bucket. As an added precaution, read the faucet’s packaging carefully for a list of the parts and tools that the maker suggests.

Step 2

To start with, disconnect the main water line to the sink in the kitchen. The shut-off valves are located beneath the sink; to close them completely, turn them clockwise. It may be necessary to cut off the main water supply to the residence if there are no individual shut-off valves.

Step 3

To remove the old faucet, undo the nuts and bolts that hold it to the sink. Loosen hard-to-reach places using a basin wrench. Put a bucket below the connectors so that any water that remains may be collected.

Step 4

Thoroughly clean the sink area after removing the old faucet. Go around the holes in the faucet and take off any old plumber’s tape or other dirt. To get the best deal possible with your new high-arc faucet, make sure the surface is clean.

Step 5

Protect the water supply lines by encasing their threads with the plumber’s tape. When you attach the new faucet, this helps make sure the seal is tight and leak-proof. To avoid unraveling when installing, wrap the tape in the thread’s direction.

Step 6

Put the new high-arc faucet in place in the sink’s pre-drilled holes. Check the alignment and tightness of the faucet’s fit. Attach the included sprayer to the faucet per the directions provided by the manufacturer.

Step 7

Use the mounting nuts that came with the faucet to fasten it in place from beneath the sink. To make sure the nuts are very tight, tighten them by hand and then use an adjustable wrench. You don’t want to ruin the sink or the faucet by over-tightening.

Step 8

The water supply valves under the sink are where you should connect the hot and cold water lines. After you’ve hand-tightened the connections, use a wrench to make sure they’re very tight. Be sure to check for leaks twice before moving further.

Step 9

To turn on the water supply to the faucet, turn the valves on slowly. Before making any changes, ensure sure there are no leaks around the connectors. To remove any dirt or debris, let the water run for a little while.

Step 10

To make sure the high-arc faucet is working properly, you may switch it on and off, change the temperature, and use any extra features, such as the pull-down sprayers. To make sure everything runs well, make any required modifications.

Step 11

Use silicone caulk to seal the base of the high-arc faucet if it covers many holes in the sink. This will prevent water from leaking below. This ensures that the installation remains clean and sealed.

Step 12

Once everything is up and running as it should, remove any wrapping parts and clean up the area. The high-arc kitchen faucet you just installed is a beautiful and functional addition to your cooking area.


By seamlessly blending form and function, high-arc kitchen faucets have sparked a paradigm shift in kitchen design. These faucets have become popular in contemporary kitchens because of their many advantages, including improved functionality and sleek design. Whether you are planning a kitchen remodel or just want to update your current faucet, a high-arc kitchen faucet is a great way to improve the beauty and functionality of your cooking area.

Are all sizes of kitchen sinks compatible with high-arc faucets?

Indeed, high-arc faucets are made to match different sink shapes and sizes and are meant to be adaptable. To guarantee a proportionate and useful fit, it’s crucial to take into account the sink’s and faucet’s measurements.

Is it possible to use a high-arc faucet with low water pressure in a kitchen?

Water pressure levels may usually be accommodated by high-arc faucets. On the other hand, you could choose a model whose design is particularly tailored to low water pressure. Furthermore, routine upkeep such as aerator cleaning may enhance water flow.

Are warranties offered for high-arc faucets?

Yes, the manufacturer offers a warranty for the majority of high-arc faucets. Before making a purchase, it is advised to review the product specs and warranty information given by the manufacturer since the length and conditions of the warranty may vary.

Do high-arc faucets come with water-saving options?

To lower total water use, several high-arc faucets do include water-saving features such as aerators that combine water and air. Selecting a model with these environmentally friendly features enables you to take advantage of water saving while still enjoying the advantages of a high-arc faucet.

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